Dave Strider :: Problem Sleuth Adventure :: Homestuck :: MS Paint Adventures :: crossover :: фэндомы

Problem Sleuth Adventure Dave Strider Homestuck crossover ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

Problem Dave DAVE: if you got a problem DAVE: i will sleuth the shit out of it DAVE: precious heirloom gone missing? im there DAVE: two piece puzzle got you stumped? im there DAVE: cant solve for x? fuck that noise DAVE: math is shit DAVE: dont send me any math
Observe Mural DAVE: my greatest masterpiece DAVE: all the great artists would be totally jealous DAVE: michaelangelo DAVE: leonardo DAVE: donatello DAVE: and the other guy DAVE: shredder
Answer phone RIN3 RING DAVE: this piece of shit? DAVE: who even uses landlines anymore DAVE: its the goddamn future DAVE: having one around severely lowers your cool points DAVE: like into the negatives DAVE: mental note DAVE: throw this junk away DAVE: anyway DAVE: im gonna just use my cell
Answer your cell DAVE: sup DAVE: question DAVE: are you a broad? DAVE: follow up question DAVE: are you hot? PHONE: hello sir PHONE: i would like to inquire about inspecting your pickle

Problem Sleuth Adventure,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Dave Strider,Homestuck,crossover
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