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Jude Harley, Bizarrely,Entertainment,hiveswap,hiveswap jude,jude harley,hiveswap animation,homestuck animation,hiveswap ost,shadok123,hiveswap trailer,And that's what i think about Hiveswap BEAUTIFUL THUMBNAIL BY ACKRO HE'S TOO GOOD Congrats! By clicking "read more" you unlocked my real spoiler free review of Hivewap ACT 1, or maybe you just scrolled down on your phone, oh well. Before diving in i'd like to say that i had no problems with bugs or anything on my end so i'm not going to rant about the weird ratio or the cutscenes not playing. I never liked point and click adventure games, i always sucked at them, but when Hiveswap promised to be less frustrating than most games like that so it gaves me hopes. Let's talk about the visuals, the art was just amazing, whether it's the backgrounds or the little cutscenes, and some of the cutscenes are fully animated! Animation wise it's also perfect, i had doubts when i saw the animations during gameplay but their choppiness are somewhat cute and fitting (i don't have to talk about the animated cutscenes, YOU KNOW THEY'RE EXCELLENT). For the gameplay i'm going to focus more on the STRIFE sections since the rest is pretty basic. I didn't know what to expect from those strifes but deep down i wanted them so much to be like mario&luigi battles, you know, timed rpg thingy. Instead we got a more puzzle based combat system, which is more fitting for the game since we only have items, i liked them. Now for the length of the game, i saw a lot of complains about the game being too short, but for me it was just the right about of time !(i'd rather have a short but intense game than a long and boring game) I even thought it was going to end after entering the portal. So in the end it took me 3 hours to beat the game, i did it in one sitting at 4am and it was an exciting experience! I have one complain tho, you know the strife where Table for Tooth plays? The music is building up, the characters are shown face to face, and when the strife begins, the music is toned down.. WHY THIS RUINED THE STRIFE SO MUCH but that's something they can fix in one update so i guess it's not THAT important, there goes the several weeks of polishing.
Hiveswap,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Xefros Tritoh,Joey Claire,Jude Harley,MSPA Video, HS Video
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