Detective Pony

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Pony Pals Detective Pony Dirk Strider Homestuck Jane Crocker ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

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Pony Pals Detective Pony Dirk Strider Homestuck Jane Crocker ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

Pony Pals: Detective Pony. Dirk Strider Version. Обложка, первые страницы и Глава 1: A Visitor.

В веб-комиксе Homestuck вот на этих страницах показаны первые несколько страниц книги, которую Дирк подарил Джейн, предварительно тщательно её подредактировав: "Pony Pals: Detective Pony". Так вот, недавно для меня стало откровением, и, я думаю, это станет им и для многих из вас, что оказывается существует полная версия этой переделанной книги, а не только несколько первых страниц, представленные в комиксе. Вот она. Если вы не против, то я возьму на себя смелость выложить всю эту книгу по главам на реактор. Переводить я её, конечно не буду. По крайней мере не сейчас. Если никто так за это дело сам и не возьмётся, то может быть как-нибудь когда-нибудь весной или ещё когда... В общем, вот вам обложка, первые страницы и вся первая глава этого ебанутого полёта сознания мальчика с острыми очками. Остальное завтра, если вы решите, что оно вам на реакторе без перевода вообще надо:

MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Pony Pals,Detective Pony,Dirk Strider,Homestuck,Jane Crocker

GARY R. SCHOENE D.D.S. 1265 Center Rd. West Seneca, NY 14224 674-7044 'S \МкЛ -fhis +o shampoo yov/r ^ony tc-por« reading +o «nwr« gooi, d«an £\л1* P "■f,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Pony Pals,Detective Pony,Dirk Strider,Homestuck,Jane Crocker

 y Me, ea^er bejin +he joi/mey +ha+ is Pony Pals Detective Pony THlc ^a^e cotnrft one. Arc you $>re^>are<i -for some crazy f c/ckin^ Gary R. Schoenc, D.D.S. (ar-fis+'s ijrfcr^>r<rfa+ion),MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Pony Pals,Detective Pony,Dirk Strider,Homestuck,Jane Crocker

G/riOvA «If Do you love ponies? Be a Pony Pal! Look for these Pony Pal books: Fi/ck yes X #1 I Want a Pony lOVC ^OHlCS! #2 A Pony for Keeps Al I Seasons #3 A Pony in Trouble #4 Give Me Back My Pony, yoo asshole. #5 Pony to the Rescue #6 Too Many Ponies #7 Runaway Pony LtPcrcdJy impossible.

f> [ Detective Pony Enjoy»,* a iSaous Ti+fe co,J"+: +WO. Olive Garden in-pini+e kreads+tek Jeanne Betancourt This Will be ^ ProfcaWy <?viJfy of war crimes an incredible fo" '**?'* ^ +° self] review Geneva Convenfions and emo-honal journey. Illustrated by Paul Bachem Le+'s efnbark ______

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The Roarosavrs see 4ha+ 4hey are feeing dtsrvpftve, so 4hey abashed!/ back away. This Pony Pal book is for Lee Minoff. This dedica+i on V/ov/Id he a kind ^es+vre if +he hook */asn + <x fro+hy file of shif, Bv/+ if is. Foot SWeef Lee Minoff, Yov did no+hin^ +o deserve fhis. S+ili % /* ^ile o

GALLERY OF AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL MUSTACHES Ulysses. 5. Gran-f "Corrvff+y McScawW Jofvtes Gar-pieM "200 Days Too Мацу" Friedrich Nie+zsche "The Übermensch " (Wci+her Afw«rk:aw nor <x ^г«$к!еп+, s*/e«+ 4+ache anyv/ay*) Ри44кгг{Ъг<1 В. Hayes "The Hoto We Accidentally Elected President"

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My fre4ic4ions -for wha4 4his took will include — Povty-r«la+«4 — Pony-rela4e4 — Potiy-r«Ia4«<i — Pony-rela4e4 — Pony-rela4e4 — Pony-reIa4e4 — Pony-rela4e4 — Pony-refa4e4 — Pony-rela4e4 — Pony-refa4e4 — Pony-rela4e4 — Pony-reIa4e4 — Pony-rela4e4 ~ Powy-r«Ja4«4 — PoHy-r«la.4«4 —

Amazing chapter titles. Potentially ^he Tt>C fi»r greatest book ever wrvrten. BiA Beftfijncpur*t skat ouV "tkvs rtigMwiAre ireteftd. Contents 1. A Visitor 1 2. Screaming Ponies MoHier fUGC. 9 3. Danger! \W. 18 4. Flames 25 5. Missing 33 6. The Fight 41 7. Blood in the Snow H°ly shit 49

 "There are not many English novels which deserve jli^n novels vc+cc-hvc tony. , . to be called great: AirmA/aflu/ is one of them. XC. H. Hud™ "A breathtaking. Herculean project... An achievement of the order of Marcel Proust s Remembrance of Things Past; a summation of the close of an

Once yov Pvrn Phis pa^c, Phe re's no ^oin^ back. You'll have enPered Phe World op DePeePive Pony. God help yov. Silly drawing op a pony 4© disPracP yov proM how deaphfy seriovs Phis siP^a4k*i is. Detective Pony wou +i+Ic coutrf-t 4+irec. JvsP in case yov Por^oP whap yov Were reading apper

Eôfo-te TOWN» OF • - W¡GCifiJS Popj/'on ; ¿.564 CK/riOÄu ' AftlHAL CU*4ÍC, tiüKr*j»v6Y fbbOOCK./ Л abandoned cricked fi*fch ’г*б (t>ossiWy havn^-ed) ^c»o»i'TOu)(J ^ Hau. // (ac+vaiiy о. bro+bei) Wtttttt Toa»rJ и'ЛАв Л л 4 1 *Р, 4he secret- direc4îon 1*ке The f<xkc$+ и*"«

Tragic ^owy A Visitor ncKm&. Sounds like pn*W.+ of / s^eecVi imyed'iwawV by imbecile. Anna Harley came out her back door and ran across the backyard. There were two ponies in the paddock behind Anna’s house and yard. “Hey, ponies,” Anna called out. “We’re going for a trail ride,%£ Anna’s

M&.H, screw h^wH^vw^. 7h is is easier Anna went into the shed. Acorn wasn’t annmd • He was staring at a fluffy black cat with white paws taking a dump on his favorite saddle. The cat was staring back at Acorn>shitting like tomorrow wasn't a thing. ‘Hey, kitty,’ said Anna. “What are you doing

“But WG don’t knOW where the most succulent portions are Or whOgets the wishbone,” Said Paw-nee . “Do yOU?” Pam picked up the body and looked the jenmed carcass OVer. U The body, without the soul, is just matter , she Said. “Do you think there's an afterlife ? asked Anna. “He doesn’t have a

and her pals loved riding on Pony Pal Trail. “No school for a whole week,” Anna shouted. “I knew framing our teacher for arson was a good idea!” “We’re going to have so much heroin!” Pam said. “Look, Anna,” Pawn® Called. “The cat came back to life!” At first, Anna and Pam thought Pawnee was

Humourously +<xlI tir<l OUivious +o +he$ ^ravi+y of 4he- 6 4 sHva+km ffl £yeS locked in mu'k/al ba+e/fear Kidz Funtimez Aktiviteez! There are three ducks hidden on this page. Can you find them all???,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Pony Pals,Detective Pony,Dirk Strider,Homestuck,Jane Crocker

and the “He has office hours this morning,” said Pam. “So we should go right now.’’1^^“^1™“^ The cat followed the Pony Pals to the animal clinic. They put their ponies in the paddock . Jesus Christ, they loved ponies so fucking much. Anna picked up the cat, and the two girls went into the

A few minutes later the Pony Pals were in Dr. Crandal’s examining room. He put the cat on the examining table and readied ws holy water and crucifix. “I’ve never seen the film ramie? Dr. Crandal said. “But I can tell you olc^rfo lived outdoors all his life. Leo doesn’t have any scars and has

dal and brought the cat back outside. Anna put him on the ground. The cat melted through the paddock fence and over to Acorn. AcOrn inwardly freaked the fuck out, but managed to keep it together. “That is such a horrifying cat,” said Anna. “I wish Acorn and I could be free of him and his curse.”

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