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Homestuck is Bad and the Fandom should die off Homestuck is Good and having the Fandom come back is exciting Homestuck is niche and flawed, but nontheless, it can be a wonderful experience, and people shouldn't be shamed for enjoying it or soared away ___________from the Fandom__________

Homestuck Roxy Lalonde ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Homestuck,Roxy Lalonde

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alpha dave,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Homestuck,Dirk Strider

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Eridan's last resort

éRIPAM RéMOUé5 ÔLA5SéS POR MAXIMUM éFP£¿T:,Eridan Ampora,Homestuck,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Sollux Captor

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The Ampora Boys

wvell vwell wvell, its about time you vwalked into my dream bubble. totally not i heard from the others about you my ancestor and i refused to believve them this cant be happening dualscar the man that i aspired to be and dedicated my life towwards really is just some wwhiny unambitious

Poetry Time With the Ampora Boys

this has not gone as svwell as i hoped it vwould. not evwen a fellowv ampora can jiwve vwell vwith me. i dont understand howv an angry and vwiolent person like you is related to a sensitiwve, thoughtful guy like me in any vway. oh, and nowv youre vwalking avway vwhile im talking. «typical »just


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Амме- . Б&С<- í PkfU P то пу He-aü ^OfeS- Cft-Afc ŒA4TLE,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Homestuck,Jade Harley,Dave Strider,John Egbert,Rose Lalonde,Karkat Vantas,trollified,humanization

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Grubsitting Eridan: Little Eridan's Revenge

fef thank god you came i seriously think im losin my mind wwatchin ovver these grubs wwell all they really do is sleep an hiss but they like to swwat at danglin objects and shit speakin a wwhich they relievve themselvves | wwherevver they damn wwell please an dont care about fuckin decency and

Another Reason Why Eridan Shouldn't Grubsit

SO, ALL OF YOU ARADIABOTS ARE HERE BECAUSE I FUCKED UP AN INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIMES? essentially yes yOur mistakes both directly and indirectly lead to the need to dOOm multiple timelines INDIRECTLY? HOW DOES THAT EVEN it would be taxing for me to recite every instance but ill give One example

Doomed Timeline Animated Panels


Eridan Ampora Homestuck Karkat Vantas Kanaya Maryam ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

Grubsitting Eridan: Projection

im just so frustrated cause i lost evverythin i had my home my planet my position at the top of society lost evverythin i kneww and i lost all my friends no one evven wwants to talk wwith me like im some fuckin nuisance god dammit you twwo are fuckin useless to me do you dumb grubs do anythin

Her Imperious Condescension Homestuck ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Her Imperious Condescension,Homestuck


Eridan Ampora Homestuck Vriska Serket Feferi Peixes Kanaya Maryam Aradia Megido Sollux Captor Terezi Pyrope Karkat Vantas ...MS Paint Adventures фэндомы 

Why Eridan Shouldn't Grubsit

ugh this is so I fuckin unnatural wwhy did kar ask me to wwatch ower these stupid little grubs wwith this dtrtscraper stay awway from the empress you filthy slimeblooded landgrub twe got my eye on you sol AAAARGHH FUCK wwell okay its different wwith her,Eridan Ampora,Homestuck,MS Paint
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